Our community guidelines

NCVO invites readers of our blog to join the conversation by commenting. We want our community to feel like an inclusive place, so we ask contributors to abide by our community standards.

Please be respectful

We want our blogs to be a place for constructive sharing and discussion. We don’t ask you to agree with everyone, but please contribute to conversations in a respectful manner. We want everyone to feel welcome.

To create and protect a welcoming environment, we moderate community contributions before they are published. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but, in order to engage as wide a community as possible, we will not publish anything that does not meet our community standards.

Our standards

We won’t publish contributions that:

  1. Are spam or self promotion
  2. Aren’t relevant to the topic
  3. Use offensive language, or language we believe could be construed as offensive
  4. Use abusive or threatening language
  5. Could cause a person needless anxiety, such as personal attacks, smears or invasions of privacy
  6. Promote any kind of discrimination, such as racism, sexism or homophobia
  7. We think are trolling
  8. Could put us in legal jeopardy, such as defamatory comments or content that breaches someone’s copyright
  9. Are sexually explicit
  10. Promote anything illegal.

NCVO’s decision about whether a comment breaches these standards is final.

Publishing isn’t endorsement

We welcome all sorts of views, but when our moderators publish a comment it doesn’t mean that NCVO endorses the views expressed, or vouches for any information presented.

NCVO is a politically neutral organisation and does not endorse any political views expressed in community contributions.

Other information that might be useful

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