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Douglas Dowell is one of NCVO's senior policy officers, working mainly on charity law and regulation.

New Electoral Commission guidance for charities: the Lobbying Act shouldn’t stop you from campaigning

At NCVO, we’re always looking for ways to make the campaigning environment more supportive for charities. We’ve supported Lord Hodgson’s recommendations to reform the Lobbying Act and other electoral law for non-party campaigners. Continue reading

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European elections 2019 and charity campaigning

With the upcoming European elections almost certainly taking place, here we explore some questions charities can consider on campaigning within the regulated period. Continue reading

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Freedom of information: time to extend?

A summary of the latest developments in Freedom of Information and outsourcing policy from the ICO, uncovering what this means for charities. Continue reading

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What NCVO thinks about a new draft Code of Fundraising Practice

The Fundraising Regulator (FR) has been consulting on a new, redrafted Code of Fundraising Practice, and the consultation closed on Friday 16 November. Continue reading

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The civil society strategy: What it says about regulation

What the commitments in the government's civil society strategy mean for charity law and regulation. Continue reading

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New Charity Commission guidance on charities’ links to non-charitable organisations

NCVO's response to the Charity Commission's new guidance on how charities work with non-charitable organisations. Continue reading

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Automatic disqualification

Last week, the Charity Commission published guidance on the new rules on the automatic disqualification of trustees and senior managers. The law comes fully into force on 1 August 2018. This blog post will sum up the changes. Continue reading

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The Charity Commission’s Annual Return 2018 consultation: A mixed bag

We've responded to the Charity Commission’s consultation on the Annual Return 2018. This blog explains what we said to them and why. Continue reading

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