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About Brian Lamb

Brian is chair of NCVO’s campaign advisory group and author of NCVO’s Good Guide to Campaigning and Influencing.

Leadership essentials for campaign success

With charity campaigning being challenged by government and media, what are the essential skills that campaign leaders will need in this new environment? Continue reading

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What do changes under this government mean for campaigners?

Significant changes to the way government works, while not aimed at voluntary sector campaigning, are having a big effect on it. We examine the implications. Continue reading

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The 2015 Project: Neuroscience and voluntary action-why we should all be campaigners

This blog looks at the future for campaigning, and is part of The 2015 Project - NCVO’s member consultation on the big issues in the lead up to the 2015 election. Continue reading

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How to communicate your campaign and influence people

Guest blog post – Brian Lamb tells us how to 'frame' issues in a compelling way, appealing to people's values while giving the “facts” some room to breathe. Continue reading

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