Public services news round-up: November 2018

Autumn budget recap

This year’s autumn budget was notable for pushing back major spending decisions – particularly on public services issues – well into next year and after the UK leaves the EU. The announcement of a spending review leaves open the possibility that government may address major funding issues around local authority finances and social care. However, today’s Brexit growth forecasts mean the government is likely to have less money to play with due to slower economic growth under any leaving scenario.

The budget also confirmed the previously announced £20.5bn of new funding for the NHS, which has been preparing a long-term plan (see Rosie’s blog for more). While the budget outlined the broad strokes, we’re expecting the final document to be published in mid-December – keep an eye out for our analysis. If you want to read more about the budget, have a look at Paul’s coverage.

New inclusion health audit tool

Members of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance, led by Homeless Link and Friends Families and Travellers, have launched an online tool which will help your organisation to audit its engagement with Inclusion Health groups. These are the groups identified as experiencing the worst health inequalities in the UK. The tool consists of five sections and takes around 15 minutes to complete. Once you have completed the audit tool, you will be provided with a unique and tailored guide which will help your organisation to embed action on tackling health inequalities into everyday activities.

And the rest

A round up of what else is going on in the public services world:


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