#YouMadeItHappen – why it always pays off to thank your supporters

Last Monday something really exciting happened. My Twitter timeline – and the rest of the UK’s, according to what was trending – was chock-full of charities and community groups thanking their supporters and celebrating their successes using the hashtag #YouMadeItHappen.

Our research tells us the public want to hear about how their support, in time and money, helps make a difference. They want to hear about what the charity has achieved and the difference it has made in the lives of its beneficiaries, and they really appreciate hearing that this has been made possible because of their donations. You only have to look at the continual success of Volunteers’ Week to see how simply saying thank you goes a long way.

So we decided – alongside partners CharityComms, the Small Charities Coalition, the FSI, The Institute of Fundraising, Acevo and supported by Lightful – to use the power of our shared networks to give charities a day to show the impact we all have together. By charities all using #YouMadeItHappen on the same day, we were able to make a real impression across social media. On Twitter alone, #YouMadeItHappen reached 5.4 million people and was tweeted or re-tweeted from nearly 10,000 accounts.

We thought we’d share some of our favourite tweets from Monday with you, to celebrate the success, and to inspire any charity who didn’t take part this year to get the date in their diary now for next year.

We saw lots of charities sharing facts and figures, a simple but incredibly effective way of demonstrating impact:


Others made videos or graphics to share stories of how the charity had helped them in a time of need:

Animal charities put their best paw forward, making sure all of their thanks included plenty of images of furry friends.



One charity even took the opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to add Gift Aid to their donations:

And last, but not least, we got a re-tweet from a very special lady thanking everyone who has supported the charity she herself set up, Lumos:

We think the day went really well for its first time, so we’re going to do it again next year. If you took part – or if you didn’t – we’d really like your feedback on how it went for you and anything you’d like us to do differently next year. Please email me on rosie.walworth@ncvo.org.uk or call 020 7520 2669.


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