Digital maturity 2.0 – an updated diagnostic tool for the sector

Eleanor Dean is digital content and experience manager at NCVO.

Find the digital maturity matrix tool here to find out how well your organisation is performing digitally.

In 2015, Breast Cancer Care did something great for the voluntary sector.

Looking for a better way to measure how well they used digital technology, they built the Digital Maturity Matrix. This framework allowed them to map their current use of technology against how they aspired to use it in the future, helping them see where they needed to improve.

When they discovered how useful this was, they released their tool, for free, to the rest of the voluntary sector. As a result, more than 800 organisations have been able to use it to check their digital maturity and better plan their ongoing digital work.

A new opportunity

Breast Cancer Care’s tool is valuable and worth maintaining, but their role is supporting people living with breast cancer, not helping the voluntary sector improve how it uses digital. So in 2017, NCVO agreed with them that we would take over stewardship of the tool and secure its ongoing future.

Taking responsibility for the Digital Maturity Matrix is an exciting opportunity for us and the sector. It means we can make sure it’s kept up-to-date, stays online and reflects new developments in how voluntary organisations are using technology.

It also means we can keep track of how the sector’s use of digital is changing and join wider efforts to help this improve. To do this, we’re collaborating with Tech Trust and CAST – who are also building digital maturity frameworks and resources for the sector – and our sister council SCVO, who do fantastic work on digital evolution in Scotland.

How you can help

Right now, we’re rebuilding the tool make it easier to maintain and improve. To do this, we’re working with Reason Digital and with Jo Wolfe, who led on the creation of the original Digital Maturity Matrix for Breast Cancer Care.

Our aim is to have a beta version of the new tool ready to launch by March. As we build it, we’ll be doing user research to make sure it continues to be useful and effective.

If you’d like to take part in this research, please email me. To compensate for your time we’re incentivising all participants with £25 – either for yourself or as a donation to a charity of your choice.

Your help will make sure this tool continues to be useful to voluntary organisations, their donors and their beneficiaries– and that the great work started by Breast Cancer Care continues.

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