Public services news roundup: September 2017

It’s been a quiet September on the government front for public services, with parliament only back briefly before conference season – expect to hear more in terms of announcements next month, once ministers rejoin the fray. With the Labour Conference having just finished, there were some encouraging noises coming from the fringes, where Manchester mayor Andy Burnham highlighted the opportunities presented by devolution to the voluntary sector. We’ll be following conference season closely – keep an eye out on my colleague Chris Walker’s blog post once they finish in early October for a round up.

A Day in the Life

NCVO’s work shadowing scheme for voluntary sector and civil service staff is returning for its seventh year. A Day In The Life matches voluntary sector staff with staff from government, giving each the chance to spend up to a day in each other’s work place. The scheme aims to help strengthen understanding and build relationships between the sectors, and allows participants to find out about the roles of staff in another organisation and the context within which they operate.

The scheme opened for applications on 25 September and is free to all voluntary organisations in England. You can apply or find out more at Drop us a line at if you have any questions.

NCVO budget submission

Paul Winyard, our funding expert, has published a blog post discussing our two key asks of government ahead of this November’s Budget, around the future use of dormant assets and what the replacement of European funding should look like. This latter issue will be incredibly important in defining what public services in the employment and skills sphere will look like once the UK leaves the European Union.

How commissioning is changing

The Kings Fund have published a handy guide explaining what commissioning is and how it’s changing in the health sector. You can read about commissioning and procurement processes in more detail on NCVO Knowhow Nonprofit.

Training and events

As ever, if you have any questions of comments, drop me a line.


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