Sustainable funding round-up: September 2017

Are women more charitable?

Women are more likely to donate to charity and to support local causes than men, according to research published in August by the Institute of Fundraising and YouGov. Download the Insights into Charity Fundraising report.

Consent is not the ‘silver bullet’ for GDPR compliance

This is a helpful myth-busting blog from Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner for all those with concerns about consent and GDPR. The other place to look is the ICO’s draft guidance on consent.

What is your organisation’s process for vetting donations?

It is interesting to read about an NHS Trust turning down a donation because it felt the way the money was raised was demeaning to nurses. Is your organisation ready to make decisions in this way?

Fundraising Regulator publishes list of Levy Year One charities

The Fundraising Regulator has published a list naming the 1,570 organisations in England and Wales that have been asked to pay up to £15,000 a year to cover the regulator’s costs. The majority have paid, with 162 charities being named as not having paid the levy.

Giving is down across the globe

The CAF World Giving Index 2017, looking at how and why people around the world give to charity. has recently been published. Key findings include that giving is down across the globe, that every Western country in the top 20 of giving has a decreased score this year, but that Africa has seen see an increase in giving behaviour.

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Other fundraising and sustainability news

Successor funding to ESF – making the case

NCVO has been making the case to government for a successor fund to European Social Funds (ESF) to be put in place following Brexit. We’re looking for case studies of charities delivering ESF projects to demonstrate the value of this funding for communities. If you have a good example you can share with us, please contact Paul Winyard.

Out with the old (pound), in with the new

The old pound coin goes out of circulation on 15 October, so you’ve still got a few weeks to fundraise with the old one. Check out Mary Strickson’s blog with 10 tips for fundraising using the old pound coin.

Changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice

As mentioned in the last round-up, in July 2017, the Fundraising Regulator announced changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice in six areas. Christine Rigby, of Bates Wells Braithwaite has neatly summarised the changes.

Training and events

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Avatar photo Richard Sved is an NCVO sustainable funding consultant. He has worked and volunteered in the charity sector for 25 years. He has led the fundraising function (in-house and as an interim) for six national charities, including National Literacy Trust, Leap Confronting Conflict and Girlguiding.

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