Would free analytical help benefit your organisation?

Dani Evans is a government statistician at the Welsh Government. She is working with fellow government analysts to organise and promote the Analytical Voluntary Programme (AVP). 

When it comes to demonstrating your organisation’s impact to the people who matter, the ability to understand and communicate your data is essential. Effective analysis can help you decide where to direct your resources or where you should focus your research.

This year, the Government Statistical Service (GSS), the Government Social Research Society (GSR), the Government Operational Research Society (GORS) and the Government Economics Society (GES) is partnering with the NCVO for its Analytical Voluntary Programme. The scheme matches voluntary sector organisations requiring support with government analysts, for placements of up to five days. This is a fantastic opportunity for the voluntary sector to benefit from the expertise within government, while also providing the chance for government analysts to learn more about the voluntary sector.

What could a government analyst do for you?

  • Help to design, conduct or analyse a survey of volunteers, service users or members.
  • Identification and analysis of existing, available datasets on a particular topic and advice on how your organisation can interpret and use this information.
  • Improvements in handling large datasets through recommendations on how data can be recorded, stored and used more efficiently.
  • Strategic planning and options appraisal – applying analytical methods to make better decisions.
  • Cost benefit analysis to help support decision making.
  • Measure the impact of a project or programme.
  • Assessments of the value for money related to decisions or projects.
  • Wider economic forecasting and analysis to inform investment decisions.

Building on last year’s success

Last year’s scheme (previously known as the Voluntary Sector Placement Scheme) successfully matched over 40 organisations with statisticians and led to productive outcomes for both – this year we are widening the scheme to social researchers, operational researchers and economists too!

Read the following two case studies from last year to understand how the scheme could help your organisation.


Techniquest, based in Cardiff Bay, offers interactive experiences to schools and the public to engage people with science and to motivate them to learn more.

Dani Evans spent five days helping to deliver a comprehensive analysis on what factors influence how schools engage with Techniquest.

Dani’s invaluable experience in analysing data meant she was able to provide detailed analysis of the booking database, which provided a wealth of information on how and when engagement is taking place. As a result Techniquest have a better understanding of their users, and this allows for more focused promotions and offers.

The Peninsula Trust

The Peninsula Trust is based in a rural area of Cornwall, and is a community benefit society – meaning it is run primarily for the benefit of the community at large, rather than just for members of the society.

Danielle Cornish from the Office for National Statistics helped the charity to build reliable and detailed information about the economic, demographic and social situation of the area. After three days, Danielle had data suitable for:

  • presentations to authorities
  • information briefings to the community
  • grant/finance applications.

The Trust had very positive feedback:

We are a small community trust with very limited resources. We could not afford to get high-quality work of this kind.

We have used the report several times already, most recently to support a large grant application to build work units – if we get that one, our long-term future is secure through the rental income, safeguarding our community support and welfare work indefinitely.

Want to find out more?

If your organisation is interested in participating in the upcoming scheme, find out more and apply on the GSS website.

All voluntary organisations are welcome to apply and you don’t need to be a member of NCVO.

Applications will be open from 3rd October 2016 to 25th October 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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