Constructive Voices on Twitter

We’ve now launched a Twitter account for Constructive Voices, our project connecting journalists with charities, social entrepreneurs and other initiatives; which will highlight constructive solutions to pressing social issues.

The new Twitter handle is @ConstructiveVox – we’ll also be using the snappy hashtag #Cvox.

How will we use Twitter?

We’ll use @ConstructiveVox to do three things; alert, inform and find.

1. Alert

Alert our followers to relevant media stories that need a constructive response. Whenever we see a news story which we think our followers may have a constructive solution for, we’ll tweet the story and use #CvoxTopic, eg #CvoxDomesticViolence.

2. Inform

  • We’ll help charities, social enterprises and other initiatives to flag up their solutions to social issues, by creating and promoting hashtags for specific stories, eg #CvoxFloods – which they can then use to draw attention to their solutions.
  • Inform our followers about constructive journalism by tweeting articles on the topic and showcasing good examples.

3. Find

Enable the media to find organisations offering constructive solutions. Journalists working on a story can easily search for positive initiatives relating to that topic, by checking what we’re tweeting about and then using the relevant hashtag, eg #CvoxLiteracy.

Find out more

You can read more about Constructive Voices and how to make the most of it.


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Giselle is in charge of 'Constructive Voices', an NCVO project aimed at ensuring the positive impact of charities and social enterprises is heard and encouraging a more constructive, solutions-based approach to news coverage in general. Giselle is a former BBC News producer on The World at One and PM.

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