Officeless and remote working – the logistics

This discussion has now taken place but the discussion is available to read below.

Now that technology is making it easier and easier for our workplaces to become more agile and efficient in our working style; we want to take a closer look at charities that have decided to try remote working and in some cases decided to go completely officeless. What are the savings and how does it work in practice?

On the 16th of January at 1.30-3pm we will have a panel of experienced experts who have been there and done it, to discuss the practicalities of being officeless or working and managing colleagues that are working remotely.

Join us to discuss the following:

  • Why your organisation should consider it?
  • How to make the most of office supplies
  • Communication, communication, communication
  • HR implications – how can we make sure people aren’t working too much or not enough?
  • Making the most out of cloud storage


Paul Roberts, LGBT consortium

As CEO of an officeless organisation Paul doesn’t profess to have all the answers but is happy to help out anyone else thinking of embarking in the same direction by sharing his experiences.

John Barrett, Small Charities Coalition

SCC exists to help small charities access the skills, experience and resources they may need to start up and achieve their aims. As Director of Operations, John wants to discuss the benefits that remote working and going officeless may have for small charities and share any expertise on the barriers or opportunities.

Terry Shepherd and Joseph Blass, WorkPlaceLive

WorkPlaceLive are one of our Trusted Suppliers that provide secure, flexible and reliable cloud based Hosted Services in the UK ideal for officeless or remote working.

Terry Shepherd has seen many companies transformed after moving to the cloud, Terry will explain why and how cloud computing will transform your onsite IT.

Joseph Blass has been an investor in Cloud since 2011 and in 2013 led the merger between WorkPlaceLive and Cirrus Stratus.

Jonathan Levy, Class Telecommunications

Class Telecommunications are another one of our Trusted Suppliers provide managed voice and data services to organisation across the UK. As a well-established and trusted communications specialist, we are championing the move to Cloud based solutions for commercial and voluntary organisations.

Questions and answers

Post your questions below for Paul, Terry, Joseph and Jonathon in the comments section or join us at 13.30 on Friday 16 January for a live chat with them.

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