Live chat: how energy efficient are you?

LSI Utility Brokers will be participating in a live chat to answer questions on your energy bills, contracts, management and compliance.

As one of our Trusted Suppliers, they can assist voluntary organisations in obtaining the best deal in the energy market. Post your questions below for LSI in the comments section or join us at 1.30pm on Friday 31 October for a live chat where the experts from LSI will be here.

How LSI can help you

Energy bills and contracts

Does your charity know how much it should be paying for energy? Is it paying too much? Should you switch supplier? What’s the best way of doing this? Is there a good or bad time to switch supplier?

LSI can answer these questions and let you know how to manage your energy contracts and what you need to know about them.

Energy management

What’s the best way of monitoring and measuring your energy? Are you efficient in your energy use? Or could you be more efficient and save some money too?

Energy compliance

Are you complying with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)? Do you need to? What’s the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and do you need to comply with this too?

Expert panel

Matt Fulford, Energy Reduction and Efficiency Manager, LSI

With over 10 years’ experience in energy and sustainability issues in the building environment, Matt’s expertise is recognised in his positions as sustainability advisor to the Diocese of Gloucester and being a member of the RICS Sustainability Working Group. He is a regular contributor to both Building Magazine and the CIBSE Journal where he shares his insights and experiences in energy management issues.

Matt leads on energy reduction and efficiency at LSI. His projects frequently deliver 20%+ reductions in consumption and he has managed tens of millions of pounds of energy related projects.

Malcolm Spooner, Head of Corporate Accounts, LSI

Malcolm spent 33 years with a national utility supplier in both the public and private sectors, following privatisation. Malcolm has experience in many areas including marketing, sales, tariff administration in the public sector, heating and cooling systems and as a national account manager in contracts sales where he was responsible for the management and negotiation of national supply agreements.

Malcolm heads up the corporate accounts team at LSI managing major national client account portfolios and is a member of the board. He has spent the last seven years at LSI managing the procurement teams and developing LSI’s buying strategies for corporate clients.

Questions and answers

Post your questions below for Matt and Malcolm in the comments section or join us at 1.30pm on Friday 31 October for a live chat with the LSI experts.

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