Live chat: Workplace pensions reform – are you ready?

This live chat took place on 30 September 2014

Under the workplace pension reforms all employers, including charities and voluntary sector organisations, will be required to automatically enrol certain employees into a workplace pension scheme and make contributions to this. They must have this workplace pension scheme in place no later than 1 February 2018 and there are staging dates for different size organisations.

Guide to organisation staging dates by PAYE scheme size (PDF, 250KB)

Regardless of your current pension provision, you should start planning for auto enrolment at least 9-12 months before your staging date as it is essential to have all arrangements in place and to budget for cost implications.

There will be penalties for non-compliance and this is being actively monitored by the Pensions Regulator. Also, don’t assume a current pension provider will be able to manage your auto-enrolment responsibilities.

Our Trusted Supplier, Lucas Fettes (financial advisers) answered your questions to help you understand the pensions reform and prepare for the necessary changes.

Expert panel

Andrew Campbell, Employee Benefits Manager, Lucas Fettes & Partners

Andy joined Lucas Fettes & Partners in 2008. He has worked and advised employers regarding workplace pensions for fifteen years and is qualified as a Certified Financial Planner.

Andy’s role includes technical support and strategic development for Lucas Fettes in the workplace pension market, providing advice and project management to employers to meet their Automatic Enrolment duties and the creation and delivery of employee communications.

Emma Welling, Automatic Enrolment Coordinator, Lucas Fettes & Partners

Emma has worked in Financial Services for over 10 years specialising in Workplace Benefits. Emma has conducted varying roles relating to workplace pensions including administration, relationship and bid management and automatic enrolment support.

In her current role as automatic enrolment coordinator, Emma supports employers through every step of their Automatic Enrolment duties offering guidance and information to help employers in their decision making process.

Questions and answers

This live chat took place on 30 September 2014 – questions are no longer being answered 

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