Lobbying bill Lords Committee stage – resources for Peers

In a final push before the Christmas break, Peers will be debating Part II of the Lobbying bill next Monday 16 and Wednesday 18 December.

This is after a short pause, which has allowed NCVO and the Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement to further engage with charities and voluntary organisations. Our efforts over the past few weeks have been entirely focused on developing recommendations on how to make the bill fair and workable.

Here below are various links to resources that highlight how serious concerns still remain about the restrictive impact of the bill, and how the entire sector has come together in support of a package of amendments:

The Electoral Commission has also produced two helpful briefings, echoing many of the concerns raised by charities and voluntary organisations:

The breadth of concern is once again proof of how changes to this bill are necessary, and the sector will be looking to Peers next week with trepidation, but also with hope. After all, it is Christmas.

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