The Lobbying Bill – Non-party campaigning – resources for MPs and media

NCVO is deeply concerned that changes to non-party campaigning rules in the lobbying bill will severely restrict the ability of charities to speak out on matters of public interest.

The proposals are intended to strengthen existing rules that limit what organisations can do to support political parties during an election. But the proposed changes mean that tens of thousands of charities and community groups may inadvertently be caught in the scope of deeply burdensome regulation. The new rules are so complex and unclear that they will be challenging if not impossible for charities and community groups to follow, NCVO believes.

The Electoral Commission, who would have to enforce the bill, say that it ‘raises significant issues of workability’ and ‘creates significant regulatory uncertainty for large and small organisations that campaign on, or even discuss, public policy issues … and imposes significant new burdens on such organisations’. Given the Electoral Commission would have to enforce these rules, their candid Briefing for MPs (PDF, 225KB) is essential reading.

Other reading on the bill:


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