15 facts about the voluntary sector workforce

The Voluntary Sector Workforce Almanac has been updated and now has its own website. Produced by Skills Third Sector, NCVO and TSRC the website provides data on fifteen workforce related themes ranging from state of pay to training opportunities.

We’ve selected below one fact from each theme to whet your appetite. Unless otherwise stated all the figures are for 2011.

1. Number of employees
The sector employs around 2.6% of the UK workforce (LFS).

2. People
Two-thirds (68%) of the voluntary sector workforce are women (LFS).

3. Where staff are located
Almost a third (32%) of voluntary sector workers are employed in workplaces of less than ten employees (LFS).

4. Type of work undertaken
Over six out of ten employees in the voluntary sector are employed in health and social care (LFS).

5. Working patterns
Two-fifths (40%) of the sector’s workforce work part-time (LFS).

6. Job security
More than six out of every ten (62%) temporary workers within the voluntary sector are on a fixed-term contract (LFS).

7. State of pay
Median gross weekly pay in the voluntary sector was £356 (LFS).

8. Staff costs
Over four-fifths of staff costs (81%) are incurred by large and major organisations (2010/11) (NCVO).

9. Nature of recruitment
Over one-quarter (27%) of hard-to-fill vacancies in the voluntary sector are for personal services staff (UKCES).

10. Approaches to training
Fewer than six in ten (56%) voluntary organisations have a budget for training (UKCES).

11. Barriers to training
Just under one-fifth (18%) provide no training at all (UKCES).

12. Required skills
More than one-third (38%) of voluntary sector employees hold a degree level qualification or higher (LFS).

13. Training opportunities
Nearly two-fifths (37%) of voluntary sector employees have received job related training in the last 3 months (LFS).

14. Number of volunteers
12.7 million people in the UK formally volunteer at least once a month (2010/11) (NCVO).

15. Contribution of volunteers
An estimated 1.3 million full-time workers would be required to replace the work of those who volunteer at least once a month (2010/11) (NCVO).

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