Presentation: Local Media in campaigning

Amelia Gudgion was part of the NCVO Campaigning Effectiveness team from 2008 until 2013. She no longer works for NCVO but her posts have been archived on this site for reference.

Presentation by Jonathan Moore, Chief Executive of the Suffolk Association of Voluntary Organisations at the NCVO Campaigns Conference 2011.


1. The local dimension … Jonathan Moore, Chief Executive Suffolk Association of Voluntary Organisations

2. The Local Media: Social Media – everything TV – Regional, Local, Community Radio – local, independent, BBC, Community, web-based Print – regional, local, evening, morning, freebies, village/parish, in-house stuff Word-of-Mouth – face-to-face activist, electronic, email pyramids etc

3. Local Media – Satan: Parochial; football fixated; driven by advertisers; jaded by tree plantings/ cheque presentations everything; bombarded by rubbish – so treats it all as such; staffed by inexperienced or old lags; cosy; frustrating

4. Local Media – or Saint? Fertile Ground (almost virgin snow) for innovation; desperate for good material esp local; read cover to cover, word for word; very loyal readership; locally more read/listened to than any national; untapped opportunities (eg Editor’s Page!)

5. Therefore: Local Media + Good determined campaign = Great opportunity for VCS

6. Local Media – the offbeat: Agricultural Show, House to House, Fetes, local campaign pyramids,

7. A Local Media Campaign: National Perspective – Empower the local Support and guide; don’t prescribe; localise the message (or be localisable); work the networks; trust, celebrate, reward

8. A Local Media Campaign: Local Perspective – Take ownership; demand support; pump your ideas up, down and left and right; localise the message; work the networks; trust, celebrate, reward


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