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Sarah Gilbert

Sarah Simmin Gilbert

Sarah Gilbert, Senior Consultant with NCVO, works with charities across the sector to help them deliver more powerful and impactful  campaigns. She chairs NCVO’s Certificate in Campaigning and is a member of the Campaigning Effectiveness Advisory Board.

Aidan Warner

Aidan Warner picture

Aidan Warner is NCVO’s External Relations Manager. He writes about charity communications and campaigning. He has previously worked at the BBC and Mind, the mental health charity and is one of the expert contributors on our Certificate in Campaigning course.


Sarah Porter

Sarah Porter

Sarah Porter, Marketing and Events Officer at NCVO. She manages our flagship Evolve and Trustee conferences, and shares her secrets for running successful events. Before joining NCVO in 2011, Sarah worked at the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Europe and international

Oli Henman

Oliver HenmanOliver Henman, Head of Partnerships & International,  discusses civil society around the world: from the European Compact to Japanese non-profits. In his role at NCVO he has spearheaded the development of the European Network of National Civil Society Associations (ENNA).


Sara Stephens

Sara StephensSara is the European Social Fund (ESF) Effectiveness Officer and works on the European Funding Network which provides advice and shares information on EU cohesion policy and European funding opportunities.


Chiara Butti

Chaira ButtiChiara Butti, International Officer, coordinates the Building Bridges project that supports civil society in North Africa. Updates, advice and analysis on socio-political challenges and opportunities in the region.


Virag Martin

Virag became the NCVO European and International Trainee in February 2013. She holds a BSc in European Studies which she completed in Budapest, and is enrolled on an MSc course (European Public Policy at UCL).  Following her policy/advocacy work on social policies at a Brussels-based European organisation, Virag is now working on the Social Services, European Year of Citizens 2013 and the Balance of Competences Review.


Olof Williamson

Olof WilliamsonOlof is Senior Consultant for NCVO and supports organisations to review their income strategy and earn income through public service delivery and trading activity. This includes providing bespoke advice, running training and designing tools and techniques for frontline and infrastructure organisations.

Beth Crackles

Beth works as a Sustainable Funding Consultant at NCVO and writes about business planning, fundraising portfolio analysis and new product development. Beth has worked at Friends of the Earth and RNIB.

Policy and research

Andrew O’Brien

Andrew worked as a Senior Parliamentary Researcher for over three years before becoming NCVO’s Senior Policy Officer. He covers issues around funding, social investment, tax and the impact of the economy on the voluntary sector.

Charlotte Ravenscroft

Charlotte RavenscroftCharlotte Ravenscroft is NCVO’s Head of Policy and Research. Charlotte’s main policy interests are around funding, public service delivery, and strengthening the evidence base for voluntary action. She has previously worked at the Big Lottery Fund and the Department for Education.


David Kane

David KaneDavid Kane is a Senior Research Officer, leading on the quantitative analysis of data for NCVO’s work on the size and scope of civil society, and is an author of the UK Civil Society Almanac  since 2008, the State and the Voluntary Sector and the UK Voluntary Sector Almanac 2007. David leads NCVO’s work on open data and our bespoke data services.


Elizabeth Chamberlain

Elizabeth ChamberlainElizabeth Chamberlain, Policy Officer, blogs and gives updates on what NCVO is doing to simplify and modernise charity law so organisations can work more effectively.


Karl Wilding

Karl WildingKarl Wilding, Director of Public Policy, leads NCVO’s policy, research and campaigning work in the UK and internationally. With lead responsibility for shaping the external environment for the voluntary sector, he blogs about the big issues facing voluntary organisations.


Katie Howe

Katie HoweKatie Howe, in NCVO’s Parliamentary and Media Team, reflects on political updates affecting the voluntary sector, with particular focus on charities campaigning in the run up to the 2015 Election.


Paul Winyard

Paul WinyardPaul Winyard, Policy Officer, reflects on the voluntary sector’s role in delivering and commissioning public services and the advancement of the social value agenda.



Véronique Jochum

Veronique JochumVéronique Jochum, Research Manager blogs about the latest research from NCVO and other research related topics on civil society.


Public services

Ruth Bridenbach-RoeRuth Breidenbach-Roe

Ruth Breidenbach-Roe shares her thoughts on public services and the voluntary sector with a particular focus on commissioning in criminal justice.

Ramzi Suleiman

Ramzi Suleiman

Ramzi started at NCVO as a trainee in the Public Services and Partnerships team in January 2013. He specialises in cross sector working, particularly the Work Programme, and runs the work shadowing ‘Day in the Life…’ scheme.


Joni Browne

Joni Browne writes about volunteering, with a particular focus on micro-volunteering. She started her role as Research Officer at NCVO’s Institute for Volunteering Research in July 2013 and has worked  for including Ipsos Mori and the NHS in the East Midlands.

Justin Davis Smith

Justin Davis SmithFollowing its merger with Volunteering England, Dr Justin Davis Smith was appointed Executive Director, Volunteering and Development at NCVO. He was previously Chief Executive of Volunteering England and formerly Director of the Institute for Volunteering Research. He has over 20 years in the volunteering movement and has advised the UK Government, the World Bank and the United Nations on the development of volunteering policy.

Kristen Stephenson

Kristen is NCVO’s Volunteer Management and Good Practice Manager. She’s interested in raising the profile of volunteer management as a profession, and the development of approaches which can help volunteering deliver for people, organisations and communities.

Mike Locke

Mike Locke

Mike Locke, Head of Volunteering and Development at NCVO, discusses issues for the practice, organisation and development of volunteering.


Nick Ockenden

Nick Ockenden

Nick is the Head of the Institute for Volunteering Research where he has worked since 2005. Nick leads IVR’s work programme and is responsible for its strategic and financial management.


Other blogs

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